8 Essential Apps for Summer 2015

Summer is finally here! With the weather reaching its peak, we’ve compiled the top 8 free summer-friendly apps that will guarantee some fun in the sun. Whether you’re packing for a trip, grilling your favorite recipes, or a road trip across the country, we’ve covered this season’s essential apps to get your summer into full swing.

apps7PackPoint Packing List:
Traveling can be an overwhelming task within itself, let alone if you forget to pack an important item. Using PackPoint Packing List, you can now effortlessly put together your belongings for your next vacation. All you need to do is enter in your destination, number of nights per stay, and your planned activities. In seconds, your travel essentials are listed on the screen in front of you. Topping it all off, the app allows you to save your list and share it with others on the trip.                                                                Compatibility: iPhone, Android, BlackBerry 10; Cost: Free                                                    

apps6Waze: Planning to hit the roads this summer? Before your slow GPS drives you crazy, check out Waze, a navigation app not only showing the quickest routes and cheapest gas options, but also offering interactive features in which other drivers can post live updates on accidents, police traps, and traffic reports. Just make sure you’re not doing it while you’re driving! Compatibility: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone; Cost: Free

apps5Geocaching Intro: Geocaching Intro is the perfect app to draw out the inner explorer in you! Whether you are stuck at home or looking for new hobbies with friends, this app allows you to embark on outdoor adventures leading you to geocaches; containers hidden in your community and in more than 180 countries. There is no right or wrong way to get started, so channel in your treasure-hunting skills and explore a new destination this summer. Compatibility: iPhone; Android; Windows Phone; Cost: Free

apps4Nike+ Training Club: Still procrastinating on that New Year’s Resolution? Don’t postpone another season further. With the Nike+ Training Club app, choose from more than 100 workouts designed by Nike Master Trainers to start sculpting your summer body. Getting started is easy! Just select your fitness goals – getting lean, body-toning, bulking up, or strength-building – and choose from various video workout tutorials.                                Compatibility: iPhone, Android; Cost: Free

Weber Grills: Get your tongs and aprons ready! Weber Grills offers barbeque-inspired ideas along with new recipes-of-the-week, and a feature grocery-shopping list allowing you to shop for ingredients stress-free. Compatibility: iPhone; Android; Cost: Free

Songza: Feeling limited to your current playlist? Songza offers the ability to select music tailored to your mood, activity, genre, or time of day. Through the app’s specifically curated stations like “Warm-Weather Wandering” and “R&B Kitchen Dance Party,” music lovers are able to tune into a diverse option of soundtracks matching their current mood. Compatibility: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone; Cost: Free

sundaydrivesSunday Drive: Say goodbye to boring car rides! Sunday Drive gives a new meaning to pit stops as it shows hidden gems along scenic highways from the east to west coast. This app is especially great for children during those long enduring road trips, keeping them occupied and excited for incoming historical landmarks, themed routes, and unique restaurants. Compatibility: iPhone; Cost: Free

apps1iSunBurn: Tired of sunburns? iSunBurn has got you covered, literally. This easy and accurate app provides users with UV indexes for any given location in the United States. Given this information, you can now determine how much clothing or sunscreen you will need before heading for that outdoor excursion. Compatibility: iPhone; Cost: Free


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